The Velvet Roses are back !

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After a year away from the scene, we are back.

Why the long absence? Because we spent several months in auditions. Many drummers and singers, all as motivated as each other, have visited the studio to have a good jam with the band, making the choice all the more difficult.
Then our bassist, Fred, decide to take his turn at leaving the adventure. So we added bassists to the list of auditions!

Despite all these events, we did not give up at all…. we continued to work on some new material, whilst also running with auditions!
All of this time and effort committed has finally reaped its rewards, because we have found the musicians who now play a part in the adventure of The Velvet Roses : Sulli on drums, Paul on vocals et MrVince on bass.

They joined us some months ago, giving us some time to find ourselves and to build our group around this new line-up. This has indeed been somewhat prolific, as we are now well into the formulation of our second album that we look forward to sharing with you 🙂

As you will have understood The Velvet Roses are back and from today, it will be more Rock & Roll than ever…. Stay tuned …